5 Reasons for Roof Snow Removal

Snow Load on RoofA snow load on your roof might look nice, but it could be causing serious damage to your Colorado home. Reynolds Roofing Systems offers roof snow removal to homeowners in Denver and Colorado Springs. After the next blizzard, look for these 5 reasons for roof snow removal:

  • Ceiling Sagging: If parts of your ceiling look like they are hanging, the snow might be putting excessive weight on the drywall
  • Creak Noise: Sometimes creaking is caused by a sudden shift in the temperature, but if the cold weather is accompanied by snow and ice, it could also cause your roof to collapse
  • Stuck Doors: Though it is not directly connected to the roof, your basement door being stuck from the snow indicates an excessive amount of ice and snow, meaning your roof should be checked as well
  • Wall Cracking: The weight of snow can actually crack your walls, and create an immediately visible defect in your home
  • Water Leaks: All that ice on your roof is adding to the weight of the snow, and can eventually turn into a water leak from your ceiling

Homeowners should be mindful of each of these symptoms, and if noticeable, should immediately contact Reynolds Roofing Systems for roof snow removal services. If you don’t see any of these symptoms, but still suspect a possible weight excess on your roof, it is always good to be proactive and have it checked.

Dangers of Roof Snow

If you decide to take a chance and leave the issues unresolved, you’re putting your home and family in danger. Your roof could collapse, residents could be injured by falling ice and snow, water damage could infiltrate your roofing structure, and worst of all, blocked vents can lead to carbon monoxide poisoning. Call (719) 368-7654 for roof snow removal in Denver and Colorado Springs.