Advantages of Energy Efficient Roofing

Energy Efficient RoofingHomeowners in Colorado Springs, CO probably have a list of things they are looking for in a roofing structure. Regardless of whether your roof is being replaced, or you are in the process of building a new home, durability, longevity, and affordability are consensus preferences. But an additional preference that should be pursued, is energy efficient roofing. Reynolds Roofing Systems offers energy efficient roofing installation to residents of Colorado Springs. Consider the following benefits:

Energy Bills

With environmentally friendly roofs, you are saving money on energy bills. Why? Because in the summer your roof reflects heat, keeping the cool air circulating throughout all rooms of your home. That prevents temptation to put your AC into overdrive, and thus saves you big time money on cooling bills. In Colorado, cold winters usually call for significant heating resources. With proper insulation, you can keep as much cold air out as possible.

Environmental Impact

If saving money on energy bills weren’t enough, consider the effect of an eco-efficient roof on the environment. Energy usage burns fossil fuels into the environment, affecting our air quality and environmental health. Be part of the solution by investing in energy star rated roofs. We offer roof installation to Colorado Springs homeowners.

Tax Rebates

By having an energy efficient roof installed, you are eligible to be a candidate for a federal tax rebate. This can earn you back up to 10% of the money spent on the structure. It is important to keep in mind that certain stipulations exist. We will be happy to discuss those with you when you give Reynolds Roofing Systems a call at (719) 368-7654.