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4 Signs Your Residential Roof Needs Insulation Replacement

4 Signs Your Residential Roof Needs Insulation Replacement

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Roof insulation is important in order to keep our homes nice and comfortable. Unfortunately, there will be times when roof insulation replacement is necessary. In order to know when it’s time to have your insulation replace, it’s important to know a few key signs to look out for.

Changing Temperatures Indoors

If the insulation in your attic has shifted, it can cause cold drafts in your home. Sometimes resetting the insulation or even adding more can remedy the situation, but more often than not a roof insulation replacement is the best solution.

Infestation of Animals

Animals such as rats, squirrels, and even snakes like to get in the attic or crawl space for shelter. When this happens, they can cause a lot of damage to the insulation. Not only that, animals have the potential to mess up your drywall, so getting this taken care of sooner rather than later is important.

Drafts Inside Your Home

Cold air from outside can seep into your home and cause unwanted drafts. This is usually due to a poor insulation job but can be taken care of with proper roof insulation replacement from a professional roofer.

High Energy Bills

This is a very common sign that your home has poor insulation. In order to get your energy bills to decrease, you will need insulation replacement that is done correctly and efficiently.

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Do I Need Shingle Repairs?

We may not all be roofing professionals, but there are things that we can keep our eyes peeled for. Here are a few warning signs that your asphalt shingles may need repairs.

  • Broken Shingles – Shingles that are broken, or completely missing, significantly weakens the roof’s ability to shed water and can create water entryways causing serious damage. Typically, this is the result of physical damage or excessive wind.
  • Buckling Shingles – Normally running vertically up the slope of a roof, buckling refers to the shingles that have a warped distortion. These shingles are easily effected by excessive winds and ice damage which makes them very easy to be torn off.
  • Clawing Shingles – This is an indication of a roofing system that is aging and has endured excessive heat. Clawing, or curling, shingles can become stiff and easily break.
  • Damaged Flashings – Lifting and separation can occur due to general contraction and expansion. Roof flashings that are most vulnerable are around chimneys, eaves, stacks, and etc.
  • Missing Granules – You never want to wait on repairing your roofing system. It’s possible that something small can turn into a major concern if it isn’t resolved in a timely manner.

A great way to prevent roofing damages from getting worse is regular inspections and maintenance. The specialists at Reynolds Roofing Systems will perform a thorough inspection, provide you with a complete assessment outlining our findings. We will then provide suggestions on what your next steps should be. So if you want to set up an maintenance schedule, make sure that you give us a call at (719) 368-7654.