Benefits To Asphalt Shingle Roofing

Choosing a roof can be hard enough to deal with, but when you have to decide what kind of material you want to get, it can be an easy choice if you’ve done your research. While you were looking at roofing options, we are sure that you have come across asphalt shingles. When you are considering your options, consider this material.

What You Get

Colors – When you want a new roof, you probably have a certain color in mind that will work for you. Many types of roofing don’t have the variety that you get from asphalt shingles. There is also the factor of dimension that is great because it can bring so much life to a roof just by using variations of the same color to create dimension.

Strong – These shingles can handle even some of the toughest weather and they do it really well. It can stand up to strong winds and will meet all the requirements that you would want in a roof. These are also fire resistant unlike many other roofing materials like shake roofing. You can have better peace of mind that the roof on your home will protect you from weather and danger.

Cost – When looking for the perfect roof, cost definitely plays a large factor. This roofing material is right up your alley if you are looking for something cost effective that will last you for quite some time.

If you decide that asphalt shingles are the right roofing material for you, call Reynolds Roofing Systems at (719) 368-7654 and we will be happy to go over pricing and the installation process.