Winter Roof Problems and Solutions

Even a strong, reliable roof can get some rough treatment in the winter. Snow, ice, and wind all come with the season and give your roof a hard time. There are some common winter roof problems and solutions of which you should be aware to protect your roof each year, and so that you know when you get help.

Ice Dams

Ice Dam and Icicles on Roof

Winter Roof Problems and Solutions.

Many people think icicles are pretty, but they’re not really good for your roof. They can be signs of ice dams–collected ice on the edge of your roof that prevents proper water drainage. When your roof is too warm, the snow and ice melt and run down, only to re-freeze at the roof’s edge. That ice dam stops water from draining off, so it builds and seeps into the roof, attic, and home. The best defense against this is good attic and roof insulation to prevent the heat in your home from rising, and warming the attic and roof.


High wind speeds can happen all year, but winter often brings rough, cold wind. This air can wreak havoc on your roof. If you have any loose shingles, they can become dislodged, and even fly off. Tree branches can be blown down onto your roof, causing even more damage. The best defense against the wind is to make sure that any overhanging trees are trimmed, and have a professional roofer inspect your roof for signs of loose shingles.

Moisture, snow, and ice are just a few of the potential winter roof problems you could encounter. To learn more about winter roof concerns, and for solutions to any of your roof problems, call (719) 368-7654 for professional roofing services in Colorado Springs, CO.

3 Benefits of Metal Roofing

Benefits of Metal RoofingSometimes metal roofing gets a bad reputation in the commercial roofing industry, even though it offers many benefits that building owners are unaware of. Reynolds Roofing Systems offers metal roof installation in Colorado Springs, CO. If you are unsure which roofing structure is right for you, check out some of the benefits of metal roofing below:

1) Eco Friendly

Metal roofing is one of the most environmentally friendly roofing options. They are typically made from recycled materials and can once again be recycled at the end of their lifespan. In addition, they release less harmful emissions into the environment, which makes a big difference. Perhaps the most advantageous part for building owners is that metal roofs are highly reflective towards harmful UV rays. This keeps heat out of your building and saves money on energy bills.

2) Durability

One thing about metal roofs is that they are extremely durable. This prevents short term repair expenses from piling up, as well as long term damage from getting out of hand. Metal roofs can last for close to 75 years in many cases. Perhaps the best advantage, is that metal roofs are extremely wind resistant, which will help mightily during the Colorado winters. Speaking of Colorado winters, metal roofs are perhaps the best roofing option to withstand the weight of snowfall.

3) Versatility

When people think of metal roofs, they might think of one type in particular. Unbeknownst to many, these roofs actually come in a wide variety of styles. On top of this, you can paint your metal roofing structure with almost any color palette you can come up with. With certain roofs, like copper, the aesthetic appeal will actually grow as the roofing structure ages, which is virtually unheard of with other materials. For metal roofing installation in Colorado Springs, CO, call us at (719) 368-7654.

4 Signs of Residential Roof Damage

Residential Colorado HomeWhen roof problems go unresolved, they only get worse, and more expensive. That’s why it’s important to have your roof inspected regularly to prevent long-term damage from putting a dent in your bank account. In addition, homeowners themselves should keep an eye out for clear symptoms of damage. Reynolds Roofing Systems offers residential roofing services for homeowners in Colorado Springs, CO. As part of your routine, keep an eye out for these 4 signs of roof damage:

Buckling Shingles

Take a look at your roof from a visible distance. Pay extra close attention to slopes that are most exposed to sunlight. If you see any buckling or curled shingles, you require professional repair services. Sometimes this is a matter of normal lifespan issues, while other times it indicates a defective roofing system.

Daylight Shining

One roof defect you might notice from indoors is daylight shining. If sunlight is peeking through your ceiling, in any area of your home, roof repair is necessary. One way to further investigate this issue is by heading to your attic. Do you notice missing roof boards and / or poor insulation? If so, timely assistance is required.

Drooping Ceiling

If any part of your ceiling is carved or drooping, you have an emergency roofing situation on your hands. This can be a precursor for a devastating leak that will cost you a fortune, not just in ceiling repair, but in water restoration services. Imagine the amount of furniture you will lose from a leak like that.

Gutter Clogs

If you find shingle granules in your gutter they have been displaced from your roof. This will happen gradually as their lifespan comes to its conclusion, but it shouldn’t be so frequent that your gutters are literally filled with them. Call (719) 368-7654 for residential roofing services in Colorado Springs, CO.

Advantages of Energy Efficient Roofing

Energy Efficient RoofingHomeowners in Colorado Springs, CO probably have a list of things they are looking for in a roofing structure. Regardless of whether your roof is being replaced, or you are in the process of building a new home, durability, longevity, and affordability are consensus preferences. But an additional preference that should be pursued, is energy efficient roofing. Reynolds Roofing Systems offers energy efficient roofing installation to residents of Colorado Springs. Consider the following benefits:

Energy Bills

With environmentally friendly roofs, you are saving money on energy bills. Why? Because in the summer your roof reflects heat, keeping the cool air circulating throughout all rooms of your home. That prevents temptation to put your AC into overdrive, and thus saves you big time money on cooling bills. In Colorado, cold winters usually call for significant heating resources. With proper insulation, you can keep as much cold air out as possible.

Environmental Impact

If saving money on energy bills weren’t enough, consider the effect of an eco-efficient roof on the environment. Energy usage burns fossil fuels into the environment, affecting our air quality and environmental health. Be part of the solution by investing in energy star rated roofs. We offer roof installation to Colorado Springs homeowners.

Tax Rebates

By having an energy efficient roof installed, you are eligible to be a candidate for a federal tax rebate. This can earn you back up to 10% of the money spent on the structure. It is important to keep in mind that certain stipulations exist. We will be happy to discuss those with you when you give Reynolds Roofing Systems a call at (719) 368-7654.

5 Reasons for Roof Snow Removal

Snow Load on RoofA snow load on your roof might look nice, but it could be causing serious damage to your Colorado home. Reynolds Roofing Systems offers roof snow removal to homeowners in Denver and Colorado Springs. After the next blizzard, look for these 5 reasons for roof snow removal:

  • Ceiling Sagging: If parts of your ceiling look like they are hanging, the snow might be putting excessive weight on the drywall
  • Creak Noise: Sometimes creaking is caused by a sudden shift in the temperature, but if the cold weather is accompanied by snow and ice, it could also cause your roof to collapse
  • Stuck Doors: Though it is not directly connected to the roof, your basement door being stuck from the snow indicates an excessive amount of ice and snow, meaning your roof should be checked as well
  • Wall Cracking: The weight of snow can actually crack your walls, and create an immediately visible defect in your home
  • Water Leaks: All that ice on your roof is adding to the weight of the snow, and can eventually turn into a water leak from your ceiling

Homeowners should be mindful of each of these symptoms, and if noticeable, should immediately contact Reynolds Roofing Systems for roof snow removal services. If you don’t see any of these symptoms, but still suspect a possible weight excess on your roof, it is always good to be proactive and have it checked.

Dangers of Roof Snow

If you decide to take a chance and leave the issues unresolved, you’re putting your home and family in danger. Your roof could collapse, residents could be injured by falling ice and snow, water damage could infiltrate your roofing structure, and worst of all, blocked vents can lead to carbon monoxide poisoning. Call (719) 368-7654 for roof snow removal in Denver and Colorado Springs.

What Are Roof Inspections And Why Are They Important?

roof inspection

Roof Inspections Are A Great Way To Avoid Costly Repairs Down The Line!

Many homeowners ask us how they can extend the life of their roofs without spending a large amount of extra money. One of the best pieces of advice we have for homeowners is to keep up with your annual roof inspections. By having your roof inspected and maintained annually, you can avoid serious roof problems, which can save you money and extend the life of your roof in years to come. Here are a few things you  need to know about roof inspections and maintenance!

What Should You Expect?

Roof maintenance is designed to keep your roof in good condition, which can allow you to avoid bigger problems later on. For example, a single missing shingle can lead to serious water damage if left unattended. During roof maintenance, a qualified roofing inspector  will thoroughly assess your roof for damages, and take time to sweep off leaves, dirt, and other debris that can harm your roof. While on the roof, you can count on your technician to examine all of the corners and eaves of your roof for early signs of trouble.If there are any small repairs needed, he or she will discuss low cost options you can explore to avoid higher cost necessities down the line.


Is Roof Maintenance Necessary?

Maintaining your roof on a regular basis is a prime way to ensure that your roof is free from serious damage. However, many homeowners skip this step, and wait until damages arise to call a roofer. At Reynolds Roofing Systems, we recommend that homeowners have their roofs inspected annually. As roofers, we’ve seen the difference something as simple a yearly maintenance can make, and the money it can save you! Proper maintenance can help you avoid structural damage and premature roof replacement!

If you need a roof inspection in Denver, CO, give us a call at (719) 368-7654 today to schedule you appointment!

4 Signs Your Residential Roof Needs Insulation Replacement

4 Signs Your Residential Roof Needs Insulation Replacement

For Roof Insulation Replacement Services, Give Our Roofers a Call!

Roof insulation is important in order to keep our homes nice and comfortable. Unfortunately, there will be times when roof insulation replacement is necessary. In order to know when it’s time to have your insulation replace, it’s important to know a few key signs to look out for.

Changing Temperatures Indoors

If the insulation in your attic has shifted, it can cause cold drafts in your home. Sometimes resetting the insulation or even adding more can remedy the situation, but more often than not a roof insulation replacement is the best solution.

Infestation of Animals

Animals such as rats, squirrels, and even snakes like to get in the attic or crawl space for shelter. When this happens, they can cause a lot of damage to the insulation. Not only that, animals have the potential to mess up your drywall, so getting this taken care of sooner rather than later is important.

Drafts Inside Your Home

Cold air from outside can seep into your home and cause unwanted drafts. This is usually due to a poor insulation job but can be taken care of with proper roof insulation replacement from a professional roofer.

High Energy Bills

This is a very common sign that your home has poor insulation. In order to get your energy bills to decrease, you will need insulation replacement that is done correctly and efficiently.

If you are needing roofing insulation in Colorado Spring, CO, give the experts at Reynolds Roofing Systems a call today at (719) 368-7654. For high-quality roofing insulation service, you can trust. 


Do I Need Shingle Repairs?

We may not all be roofing professionals, but there are things that we can keep our eyes peeled for. Here are a few warning signs that your asphalt shingles may need repairs.

  • Broken Shingles – Shingles that are broken, or completely missing, significantly weakens the roof’s ability to shed water and can create water entryways causing serious damage. Typically, this is the result of physical damage or excessive wind.
  • Buckling Shingles – Normally running vertically up the slope of a roof, buckling refers to the shingles that have a warped distortion. These shingles are easily effected by excessive winds and ice damage which makes them very easy to be torn off.
  • Clawing Shingles – This is an indication of a roofing system that is aging and has endured excessive heat. Clawing, or curling, shingles can become stiff and easily break.
  • Damaged Flashings – Lifting and separation can occur due to general contraction and expansion. Roof flashings that are most vulnerable are around chimneys, eaves, stacks, and etc.
  • Missing Granules – You never want to wait on repairing your roofing system. It’s possible that something small can turn into a major concern if it isn’t resolved in a timely manner.

A great way to prevent roofing damages from getting worse is regular inspections and maintenance. The specialists at Reynolds Roofing Systems will perform a thorough inspection, provide you with a complete assessment outlining our findings. We will then provide suggestions on what your next steps should be. So if you want to set up an maintenance schedule, make sure that you give us a call at (719) 368-7654.