EPDM Roof Installation and Repair

Rolls of EPDM roofing

Get Durable EPDM Roofing Installed on Your Building

If you are looking for a durable roofing material for your flat roof building, consider having EPDM roofing membrane installed. EPDM is known for being a durable, weather resistant roofing material. It is a great option for office buildings, restaurants, and more! We install top quality flat roofing material that last for years with minimal maintenance requirements. Our roofers also specialize in repairs, so if you have a tear, ponding water, or storm damage that needs taking care of, we’ve got you covered! Call (719) 368-7654 for a EPDM roof repair contractor in Colorado Springs, CO.

EPDM Installation

When applying a commercial roof, it is important to have a professional install it to ensure it is watertight and weatherproof. Installing flat roofing membranes requires some method of attaching the membrane to the structure of the building. Most membranes are attached through fully adhering or mechanical attachments:

gravel roof top

We can Add a Layer of Stone or Gravel Over Your EPDM Roof

Fully Adhered: This fastening method uses a heavy duty glue to attached the roof membrane. It’s used mostly in areas with high winds were ballast stones and screws may not hold the membrane down properly.

Mechanically Attached: This is the most popular option. Roof membranes are fastened to the top of the roof with the use of metal screws before welding the membranes together.

Stone Ballasts: Gravel or rock is used to keep the roof membranes in place. This is the most cost-efficient option and is also the quickest method for installing and adhering a roof membrane.

EPDM is known for its quality and durability. If you are looking for a long-lasting material, that is both affordable and weatherproof, we recommend the EPDM roofing membrane. Most will even come with a warranty of 40 years or longer!

EPDM Roof Repairs

If you have a roof that needs repairs, you can count on our experts to carefully inspect and restore your roof quickly and efficiently. Water ponding is a common problem seen on flat roofs due to improper installation that allows water to pool on the roof’s surface. This can lead to water damage if not dealt with in a timely manner. If you are dealing with this, or other damage to your roof, contact us today at (719) 368-7654. We are your EPDM roof repair contractor in Colorado Springs, CO.