Maintaining a Metal Roof

Metal is tough. That’s why you chose it for your roof, right? But even metal roofing needs some tender loving care from time to time. Whether it’s made of enduring aluminum, rough-’n-tough steel, or beautiful copper, your metal roof’s lifetime can be greatly extended with a few simple maintenance easy steps.

A Roofer Measures a Tile Slope

Semi-annual Maintenance Can Greatly Extend the Lifetime of Your Aluminum, Steel, and Metal Roof.

Post-winter inspection is easy. To get started, grab the following items: a pair of binoculars, a ladder, a trash bag, a sponge (or soft cloth), and some cleaning solution (such as Formula 409). Now you’re ready to begin your semi-annual metal roof maintenance!

Step #1: A Brief Walkabout

Nothing complicated here. Take those binoculars for a spin as you walk around the house, examining the roof for debris, dents, and dirt or grease smudges. Be on the lookout for any loose-looking screws and panels. Also take note of any mold or mildew growth from all the last season’s precipitation.

Step #2: Dirt and Debris

Branches and twigs might not seem all that dangerous, but debris can eventually clog your gutters and corrode your metal roof. Avoid having to re-coat your roof by washing off all debris and emptying out the gutters. For any dirt or grease spots you may have seen earlier, apply Formula 409 (or a similar solution) and gently scrub them with a sponge or cloth.

Step #3: Important Touch Ups

Winter weathering can cause minor abrasions or scratches your roof, but these can be easily repaired with the right materials. Should you spot any, you’ll also want to cautiously remove any metal shavings embedded in the roof’s coating. You can treat any of these abrasions with a brush (not a sprayer) and a touch of manufacturer approved paint. Finally, for any mold or mildew spots, apply a mixed solution of water (five gallons), household dish soap (one cup), and bleach (one cup) with a cloth or sponge.

After you’ve rinsed off your roof, congratulations! You’ve completed your semi-annual metal roof maintenance. For all major signs of roof damage to your metal roof, talk to one of our specialists at Reynolds Roofing Systems. You can call (719) 368-7654 for an inspection or any roof repairs in Colorado Springs, CO.