Energy Efficient Roof Installation

Energy Efficient Roof, metal roofing

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Believe it or not, your roof has the ability to do more than just bring together the exterior look of your house. It can potentially keep money in your pockets too! You now have the option of an energy efficient roof for your home in Colorado Springs, CO. Call (719) 368-7654 to learn more about your options.

Types of Roofs

You can keep your home cooler during the summer without having to overwork your air conditioning unit, therefore saving you costs on energy. Although the initial price of an energy efficient roof can be a bit higher than traditional roofs, it pays for itself tenfold by reducing the cost of your energy bills.

  • Cool roofs: This roof is designed to reflect heat and UV rays. Traditional roofing materials absorb more than half of the heat from the sun. On the other hand, the cool roofing system reflects more than 65% of the energy coming from the sun, therefore keeping your home cooler in the summer.
  • Low-Sloped Roofs: These are typically found on commercial buildings and multifamily homes. They have the ability to be more energy efficient by applying a single-ply membrane or a cool coating. Cool coating has the consistency of thick paint an can be applied to already established roofing systems. Additional benefits include durability, improved adhesion, and the ability to self wash during rain showers.
  • Steep Sloped Roofs: These are typically found on residential homes. Painted metal and tiles are usual types of cool roofing systems used for steep sloped roofs. Depending on the color, cool colored tiles (colors like white or tan), has the ability of reflecting of as much as 70% of solar energy. Cool colored metal, which is more durable, has pigments that can reflect as much as 90%.

This option is ideal for someone who’s looking to save extra money on their heating and cooling bills year round. Call Reynolds Roofing Systems to discuss your options. Our pros are here to install your energy efficient roof on your Colorado Springs, CO home. To discuss all of your roofing options, dial (719) 368-7654.