Fascia Board Replacement

Fascia and Gutters on a Home

Fascia Prevent Water Damage to the Underside of the Roof

The fascia of your roof can typically be found behind the rain gutter, along the edge of the roof line. Water damage can lead to problems such as leaks or rotting. So if you ever did find yourself facing a problem with your fascia boards, it can be resolved by simply replacing the affected area. Do you think that you need a fascia board replacement in your Colorado Springs, CO home? Be sure that you contact Reynolds Roofing Systems at (719) 368-7654. We will dispatch one of our experts to your home to recommend the options to ensure that your roofing system gets back into great shape.

Types of Fascia Boards

The material that is most commonly used for fascia boards is wood. Using this material is the most affordable option, but it is necessary to have it painted regularly for it to look its best. It must also be primed and painted to ensure its durability.

Aluminum can also be used in conjunction with wood to weather it. It can be bent so that it’s able to wrap around wood fascia, therefore it’s less likely to deteriorate. Once in place, after proper installation, this can last for decades. Most homeowners prefer aluminum over vinyl because it provides complete coverage over the wood fascia.

Preventative Maintenance

A word to the wise: Never ignore the signs of rotting wood in your roof. If you notice something, you should immediately call a professional to perform necessary inspections and repairs. Setting up a schedule for regular maintenance and inspections is the key to keeping your fascia boards, soffit, gutters, and the overall roofing system in tip top shape. With maintenance, we’re able to spot early signs of trouble and get it resolved before it becomes a larger issue.

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