Roof Snow Removal

Home and Car Covered with Snow

We Can Clear Snow Built Up on The Roof of Your Home

Living in Colorado, we are no stranger to a hefty snowfall in the dead of winter. Little do some know, if the snowfall is too abundant, it can become detrimental to your roofing system. This is why removing said snow is so important. If you’re in need of roof snow removal in the Colorado Springs, CO area, call Reynolds Roofing Systems. We will come out to your home, clear your roof of any unwanted snow, and we can even provide a free inspection to make sure that everything is in proper working condition. Call us now at (719) 368-7654.

Why is it so important?

We think that pretty white powder can be an issue when it’s deep enough on the ground. It can also provide a pretty major dilemma if there’s enough sitting on your roof. Most homes are built with a steep sloping roof, which helps most snow slide off the top of your home. But if you have a flat roof or if it just begins to stick really well to your sloped roof, there could be a risk of collapsing. But how do you know when it’s becoming too much?

Water Logged

When ice or sleet is added to the mix, this makes for denser snow accumulation. It’s critical that you keep in mind the excess water that is on your roof. This can potentially lead to water damage. Heat escaping from your home melts the snow and sends water running down your roof, which could freeze and clog your gutters. If the run off continues to block your gutters, the water will have nowhere else to go but under your shingles. You can tell there’s trouble when water begins to leak from your ceiling.

Weighed Down

The weight that a house can handle is about 20 pounds per square foot, according to the Insurance Institute for Business and Home Safety. In other words, a foot of snow is equal to one inch of water. This comes to about five pounds per square foot. This means that a four foot snowfall is coming very close to reach the max weight limit. This is putting your roof right at the brink of a disaster.

So when you’re shoveling out your driveway after that fresh snowfall, don’t forget your roofing systems needs to be cleared as well. Contact Reynolds Roofing Systems for roof snow removal in Colorado Springs, CO. Feel free to contact us online or dial (719) 368-7654.