3 Helpful Tips for Preparing Your Roof Insurance Claim

Roof Insurance Claim

If Your Roof is Missing Shingles, Try to File Your Claim Quickly and Schedule Repairs.

Are you considering filing a roof insurance claim to help you repair damage from the latest hail storm? Insurance claims can be frustrating business, but there are ways to ensure you get the positive results you’re looking for. Follow these three smart tips while you prepare!

Smart Tip #1: Arrange a Professional Inspection

Adjusters are very capable at inspecting your roof for damage, but they can miss important details on occasion. When that happens, it pays to have a detailed inspection report from your local roofing company that outlines any damage that may be pertinent to your case. You’ll also have another estimated price on repairs to send to your insurance company. Finally, a professional roofer can help you know in advance whether you’ll require repairs or replacement for your roof

Smart Tip #2: File Sooner, Not Later

When extreme wind or nasty hail impacts your roof, you should be less concerned about the initial damage and more focused on what comes afterwards. Roofing systems that have had shingles cracked or torn off are much more vulnerable to extensive leaks into insulation and even the interior. If your home needs roofing repairs, start filing your claim as soon as possible.

Smart Tip #3: Hold Onto Your Receipts

Some policies cover additional expenses related to your repairs or out-of-home stay. Be sure to revisit your policy, then start holding on to your related receipts. For instance, if your insurance will pay for your family’s hotel stay while your roof is repaired, hold onto that receipt! Every little bit helps.

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