Why You Need an Inspection

Your roof is one of the biggest investments that you have so it is very important that you take care of it the right way. It is recommended that you have a roof inspection done once a year. They don’t say this just to get your money, it really is important that you have one. Over the span of a year, the weather can change or a storm may happen that could potentially pull off shingles on your roof, opening your home up to water damage and other things like mold. It is important to catch the damage before it gets worse because if you wait on it, it can end up causing a roof replacement. The upfront costs of an inspection might seem like a lot, but if you consider the cost of a roof replacement, it will not seem like a lot at all.

Reasons to Have a Roof Inspection

Warranty – If you have a new roof you probably have a warranty that came with it. There are usually stipulations that come along with it though. One of them is that you may have to have a roof inspection at least once a year in order for the warranty to remain valid.

Peace Of Mind – having your roof inspected once a year will give you peace of mind that if a storm happens or there is major weather, that your roof should remain protected. It will also keep that warranty up to date and if something major does happen, it will all be covered.

If you are in need of a roof inspection, call Reynolds Roofing Systems at (719) 368-7654 and let us send one of our experienced and reliable inspectors to your home. The process is easy and will be done before you know it.