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Answers to your common roofing questions

If your roof has reached its expected lifespan and is deteriorating due to age then the answer is not likely. Wind and hail damage on the other hand are typically covered by your insurance policy.

There are a number of reasons you may need a new roof. Most obvious would be storm damages that have compromised your roof. After a thorough inspection, our roofers determine if repairs can be made or would recommend a roof replacement. Biggest reasons for a new roof are age, deterioration, multiple and recurring repairs, selling a home, renovations, and storm damages.

When cleaning your gutters and you find asphalt granules collecting in your gutters, that’s a good indication your roof is wearing down. Age, the sun’s harsh rays, severe weather, and hail can cause granules to loosen and collect inside your gutters. This is a good indicator to start planning for a new roof in the near future.

While a flat roof appears flat, it’s actually sloped just enough to allow adequate drainage. Pooling water can happen at times but should dissipate quickly. If not, it’s time to have a roofing contractor take a look.

Once all supplies are delivered, installation can take a day on an average sized home and longer depending on roof pitch or luxury homes.

The entire process from start to finish can take a month on average. There are a lot of moving parts in the negotiation and funding of a storm related insurance claim and roof replacement. Choose a reputable roofing company like ours for a smooth process.

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