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Storm Damage Repair

Hail damage can compromise your roof

Storm damage roof repair in Colorado Springs, CO

Every year, Colorado has its share of hail and damaging winds from severe storms. And many times it can take a toll on your roof’s integrity. We’re local so we understand and work hard for our communities. With Reynolds Roofing Systems on your side, you can relax knowing we are handling it from start to finish. That’s a guarantee.

You may have hail damage and not know it!

We’ve heard it more than once…homeowners in shock when hail the size of their palm comes pounding down while they wait in fear with the sound of “rocks” hitting their roof. But did you know many times, this situation isn’t the norm? Many times hail damage can’t be seen from the ground. Damage occurs when protective coatings like asphalt granules are forcefully knocked off by hailstones or dents and craters, thus compromising your roof’s integrity. Many times it takes a professional who knows what hail and wind damage looks like. Hail damage is one of the biggest reasons for insurance claims in our area.

Roof damage on roof caused by storm

Expect exceptional customer service

When you need a professional on your side and high-quality repairs, we'll be there. We stand behind all work and repair your storm damages in a timely manner. You can reach us at 719-368-7654.

Has your roof been damaged by hail or wind? Call us today.

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