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Tile Roofing

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Tile roofing in Colorado Springs, CO

You have more options today than ever before with tile roofing. With the introduction of modern materials and technologies, homeowners can now choose from a variety of tile roof options including real clay or natural looking concrete or synthetic for a whole new upgrade.

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The choices for tile roofing can come in many shapes and sizes. Choose from spanish barrel roofing tiles, concrete slate tiles, concrete shake roofing tiles, and more. Most clay roofing tiles are fade resistant and Energy Star rated. Concrete roofing tiles can look like real slate or wood shakes. And with concrete tiles, most are rated high for hail protection. When choosing a tile roof for your home or business, it will surely catch the eyes of your family and friends.

Metal tile roof

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If you’ve been dreaming of the look and durability of tile shakes or tile slate roofing, there's no better time than now to make that dream a reality. With our expert advice and guidance, you can be sure you're getting the best roofing option for your home or business. You'll enjoy improved aesthetics and weather protection, as well as lower energy costs - all with minimal maintenance required. Call Reynolds Roofing Systems at 719-368-7654.

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